How to choose the best and most effective laser hair loss treatment?

Any other wave used in the treatment of hair loss laser has a different treatment and the depth of penetration on the scalp. Capillaries in direct contact with the hair papilla occur in hypodermis (the inner layer deeper skin layers between 3 (scalp)).

The wavelength of 670nm treated especially light on the surface of the scalp and not enough for effective laser hair loss go deeply into the scalp, so the 670nm is the only treatment of wavelength.

Longer wavelength (780 nm, 830nm) lasers are able more deep into the skin. But skin substances such as hemoglobin, melanin and water the whole folder and the weaknesses of the laser light.

To 830nm is the wavelength less than absorbed by these substances, such as, that makes more out of their economic control of the means of the follicle, because more light energy is absorbed in the blood cells, increase traffic and continues to supply more nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles.

On the market of cosmetic and therapeutic lasers, each laser treatment device used different wavelengths. 650nm/670nm visible light are red, while 780 nm infra-red lamp with more power, more insightful 830nm capacity and effectiveness.

The laser 650nm are most commonly used in cosmetic and laser therapy, because it is light red, light, light that is visible to the eye, as if it really works for treatment and in fact, that actually has a therapeutic effect.

The wavelength nm laser cosmetic is the most widely used on the market and is less expensive than the length of the longest wave laser.

However, more expensive infrared 780 nm and 830nm of wavelengths use lasers can penetrate and stimulating deeper tissues of the skin and are also effective in the treatment, but are rarely used by other manufacturers of cosmetic and laser therapy.

Most effective treatment for hair loss are multiple wavelengths 670nm laser and use a 780 nm, and a 830nm laser in each of his 7 cluster laser and laser on the market that offers this technology are the only hair treatment. 3 different wavelengths simultaneously radiate the same region of the scalp, each working on different levels and thus maximise the benefits and are a more effective treatment.

There are many scientific studies for each wavelength of the laser show, this is as effective in the treatment here about the different effects of each wavelength.

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