Causes of Hair Loss - Treatments For Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss is bad enough and embarrassing for many who suffer with it. Many believe they must be resigned to their fate. This is not true anymore. Seeking treatment as early as possible will provide a better chance of halting the problem and preventing any further loss. It is possible, though not in all cases, to have some hair re-growth.

Normal Hair Growth Cycle

Hair goes through three basic phases on an ongoing basis. All of your hairs do not grow at the same rate or at the same time. The Anagen phase is the growth phase and just over 80% of your hairs are in this phase at any given time. This phase can last up to ten years.

The Catagen phase is a time of transitions when the hair is between growth and resting. It lasts for only a week or so. Only about 1% of your hair is affected. The Telogen phase is the resting phase which lasts approximately 6 weeks. The hair then dies and falls out. The Anagen/growth phase then begins all over again.

Loss in Men and Women

Some loss of hair naturally occurs as we age. If you are seeing more hair than usual in your brush or on your pillow, you might consider at least consulting with your doctor to see whether you should consider treatment.

Loss of hair in men usually will begin in the temple areas and progress toward the back of the head. This can result in hair being left on the sides and back of the head or complete loss.

Loss in women begins with an overall thinning of the hair. Loss is also noted along a part site of women. A part is where the hair is separated leaving a line in a woman's hair.

Causes of Hair Problems

There are two types of causes of hair problems: avoidable causes of hair fall out and unavoidable causes of baldness. Within these categories is a wide array of the causes of baldness.

Avoidable causes include excessive use of hair products such as dies, tints, and straighteners. When used properly these things don't normally cause loss of hair. Hair can become burned and brittle. Excessive washing and blow drying of your hair can damage it and cause it to fall out. Hairstyles can be stressful on the hair as well. In tight styles such as ponytails and braids the hair is pulled tight. The hair becomes weak and breaks off. If the hair lies in an unnatural position for too long it could also be a cause of baldness.

Unavoidable causes include child birth and pregnancy or the use of birth control. About 3 months after delivery a woman will likely experience the fall out of what seems like a lot of hair. Pregnancy keeps hair in the growing phase for a longer period than normal. That hair then when it goes into the resting stage will fall off. The normal hair growth cycle will eventually return and the hair you lost will grow back over time.

For some people, a diet that is deficient in protein could also cause problems with ones hair. This can cause hair loss because the body takes that protein meant to grow hair to supply the rest of the body.

Illness, high fever, major surgery, or injury can cause hair to fall out. Some medications especially those used in chemotherapy and radiation will cause minor baldness but once the treatments are ended, over time hair will grow back. Sometimes the hair may change in quality and even color. Stress of all kinds can also cause hair ailments.


There are avoidable causes of blandness as well as those that are not avoidable. Some types of hair problems can be stopped; further loss prevented, and in some cases have hair grow back after treatments. Research suggests that early treatment gives hair the best chance of recovery.

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