Hair Loss - How to Regain Naturally

Hair dropping is a most common problem among both men and women. Male pattern hair loss can affect men as early as in their twenties. Female pattern hair loss is usually different from the male but it is also relative nowadays and in this form of hair loss, the hair can becomes thin over the entire scalp.

Causes of excessive hair loss:
• Couples of months after an illness or a major surgery
• Stress of an illness
• Hormonal imbalance problems
• After Child birth
• Medication and medical conditions of patient
• Infection of the scalp.
• The outcome of genetic
• Poor nutrition and diet

Your hair drop may be abnormal if you are losing more than 100 hairs a day. This may result in a general thinning of hair or in a patchy loss of hair over the scalp in a short period. However, it may progressively lead to baldness if the natural hair re-growth rate is slower than the rate of hair shedding daily. Also, it becomes more visible as the new hair growth is thinner than the old hair shed.

Hair Shedding Prevention Treatment
• Oral Consumption; Drugs based
• External therapy; Chemical based
• Cosmetic Transplant Surgery
• Natural Herbs products

If you feel your hair drop is excessive, there are avenues of treatment in this industry available in the markets today. The most common drugs available are minoxidil and finasteride. When prescribe, these medicines may also help to slow or prevent the development of baldness.

Yes, seeking a doctor for hair loss problem is one of the solutions; by treating the scalp infection and correcting the hormone imbalance may prevent further deterioration. There are cases that treatment is not available for certain type of hair loss, therefore, cosmetic and new technologies in transplant surgery such as wearing different hair styled wigs, hair weaves or artificial hair transplant for replacement. Goodness, all of these treatments are usually expensive drugs and cosmetic surgeries! How effective are these treatment?

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