Fat Loss Through Laser Treatments - Are They Really Possible?

Everyone is unique, but there are some trends that have a tendency to become prevalent amongst certain groups of people. One of those tendencies is obesity. Although genetics can play a significant role in obesity, two of the main causes of this epidemic are unhealthy foods, as well as too little exercise.

However, there are some people who, try as they might, cannot seem to get rid of the few extra pounds that they might have, and this is where procedure such as SmartLipo come in. The SmartLipo procedure uses laser technology in a minimally invasive procedure to liquefy the fat molecules that have built up in various areas of the body.

In order to have a better understanding as to how SmartLipo works, it is important to understand how fat molecules happen. Whatever fat that the body cannot process from unhealthy foods starts to form molecules that build upon themselves. The torso is the most prevalent area for fat accumulation. However, this procedure is also done on the thighs, upper arms, and the back.

In the SmartLipo procedure, the lasers make small incisions into the fat layer. Next, the heat of the lasers rupture the fat molecules, which are then drained out. The procedure itself is done under local anesthesia, which means that the patient is awake. The procedure itself takes about two to three hours, after which time the patient will be able to recuperate at home. Results will happen gradually, as the body needs to adjust to its new shape.

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