Side effects of hair laser removal

Lasers are the most recent technology of hair removal. Although the cost is high, people have grown to accept treatment. Lasers are considered today really the best way of hair removal. However, treatment with a cast just on the side effects, sometimes with fatal consequences. In January 2005, a woman from North Carolina have lost their lives when receive anesthesia and cream before treatment laser created an excessive amount.

Edema (swelling of each institution excess fluid) and erythema (redness of skin) are common occurs after laser treatment. Some bubbles may occur, especially in patients with dark skin, that experience could be changes as darken or lighten the skin that could last for weeks or sometimes months. There is little risk of scarring or infection. However, if it irritates the bladder could not be scars. Loss of clients may suffer from freckles, Ray, tattoo of color and dimming or discoloration of the mole in the fields of treatment. With the use of Ruby Laser is a possibility that can be produced an epidemic of fever blisters especially in the areas of Bikini were very tiny.

It is essential that people with certain diseases consult your doctor before any treatment of hair removal laser. This category contains clients who have recovered slowly, that immediately after previous treatments; The client with white and grey hair; Patients prone to discoloration and skin of pregnant women (even if it is not possible outside the direct references to the damage of laser hair removal treatment fetus). Laser hair removal can cause blisters fever, especially at the top of the lip. It is better using antiviral medications prior to treatment. Tanning customers must wait in order to facilitate the Tan, for best results. Prescription drugs were lower as Accutane, medicines should stop months before laser treatment, clients must be with retin-A, Accutane or tetracycline to stop the drug several weeks prior to treatment.

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